04 November 2009

Outdoor Shooting

Since I watched Jenni Green's photoshoot of Mike and Tiffany's fake wedding, and it was outdoors, I thought that I would post a video relevant to outdoor shooting.

What Light Kit is Right For YOU?

Lately I have been thinking about getting a light kit.  
But its a pretty important decision, because once you buy, that's what you got.
So here is a video I found helpful.
It is by Mark Apsolon.


Though I do not indorse smoking, I do love pictures of people doing it.  This is a friend of mine from a while back, Tony.  I love this picture. 

Starlight Star Bright

For final four (our version of a final exam) two semesters ago I did the Starlight theater.  The set that was picked were not the ones I really liked, but I did them anyway.  The pictures that I did like were all in this kind of style.

Indian Fest

I while ago I went to Indianfest in Canton.  I am part Cherokee so I thought it would be fun.  It was and I got some awesome shots.

03 November 2009

The Back Roads

A couple of months ago I went to Alabama. I didn't have anything in mind that I wanted to shoot so I just drove, getting lost on old Alabama roads. I think that I like that more than having an actual destination. I don't know why I love this picture so much, I just do.

The product of a full tank, gps, and time.

Sperm Whale and Their Lunch.

Sperm whale was photographed in Japan with the remains of a 30 ft giant squid in its mouth.
Love it.


Last semester in multimedia we did a "Statement Video." I did mine on litter. I hate it, and chances are if you litter in front of me, I will make you go back and pick it up. It is lazy, pointless, harmful, and an actual killer. One of my first images was of a dead bird, similar to this one. I found an article on Chris Jordan, who documented some of these happenings.

01 November 2009

Don't have a camera? Don't need one...

A company named Nyko has just created a zoom lens that attaches to the DSi. Features include a 8x optical zoom lens, a hard case, no batteries required, and anti-slip grip.


Ok, so PopPhoto has these 'Photo of the day' contests, and I found out you can search by day, which I though was pretty cool. So, I searched for the best photo on my birthday this year. This is what I got. And since it is fall, and everyone should be out photographing the pretty leaves, I thought this would inspire.